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As Misery Haunted House reaches its milestone 5th season, we have some exciting news on the horizon; one of our own is branching off and opening a brand new attraction here in Wisconsin!

For the past 5 years we have had the pleasure of having two amazing and creative people by our side, but they have also worked with a few of the other top attractions prior to getting involved with us and even during building a strong relationship between our attraction and others throughout the state!

With the goal of continued support among the haunted house community, we are working close with him and his girlfriend to help them achieve their dream of opening their own haunted house and hobby farm!

Their dream is already under way and they have wall panels, props, pneumatics, lights and more all sitting in storage that they have picked up from other attractions that have closed or had been donated, all they need is the land to build on!

Through out this haunt season we ask that if you are able and willing that you consider making a donation of any amount to their project! This season they will both be working with Misery on our staff and are hoping to get everything squared away to open in 2018!

For every $15 donated through the go fund me they will be providing one free admission ticket for their opening season, think of it as reserving your spot in line!

For every $1,000 raised before October 1st, we will select one donor of $15 or more and send them a 5 pack of Misery Haunted House Tickets!

Join us in helping two great artists, creative people, and good friends make their dream come alive, Because, Misery Loves Company!

299 S Pearl Street
Berlin, Wi 54923


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