Return to the Darkside of Misery

Return to the Darkside this year!

Are you afraid of the dark? The Dark is not afraid of you!
Your adventure begins, like all good adventures do, in a cemetery. Dare to journey below into the realm of Nightmares, where only the brave will enter, only the lucky will escape, and only the insane will be the same.  

Imagine a world where danger and mystery lurk around every corner and you never know where we will be hiding next. As your adrenaline rises, and the cold sweat pours down your face, you wonder if you will ever find your way out, you will need all the help you can get, so bring a friend, Because Misery Loves Company.

One of the TOP Rated Haunted Houses in the state 5 years running!
See for yourself!

Voted top 5 Haunted Houses in Centeral Eastern Wisconsin past 4 years running on Haunted

Voted Top Haunts to see 2016 by all of you!
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Top Rated Attraction 2016

Wisconsin Haunted




2016 "Must See"
#5 in Wisconsin


299 S Pearl Street
Berlin, Wi 54923


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